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We have in-depth knowledge and extensive experiences in Thai banking regulations and, together with our M&A and capital markets specialists, are very well placed to advise advise and assist our clients in typical and complexed banking and financing transactions, restructuring and insolvency (R&I), M&A, and banking regulations and compliance including those concerning fintech, payment and personal data protection.

Financing, M&A and Banking Regulations
We offer both transactional and regulatory advice and services to not only international and domestic lenders, non-bank financial institutions, and fintech companies but also investment banks, corporate and PE clients in connection with their investment in commercial banks, non-bank and fintech companies. Our wealth of experience in managing cross-border transactions and complex financings, M&A and in banking regulations and compliance enables us to assist our clients with integrated advice on a broad spectrum of innovative financing products as well as the more traditional ones with our first-class services and practical solutions.

Fintech and Payment
As IT and technologies have become a significant part of banking and financial service industry, we are very well placed to provide our clients with our comprehensive regulatory guidance to not only start-up tech companies but also leading global players. We have worked closely and regularly with leading international law firms and their clients in a broad range of digital and payment related matters, including E-payment, E-wallet, E-marketplace, payment gateway, P2P payment networks, lending arrangements, cryptocurrencies and digital asset trading platforms. Given the considerably sophisticated and complex nature of application of these new technologies which vary from one jurisdiction to the others, we are prepared to guide our clients through this very challenging frontier in finding practical solutions in light of the developing regulatory framework.

Restructuring and Insolvency
With our insight experience from not only creditors’ but also debtors’ and investors’ perspectives, we are well placed to assist our clients in every aspect of the restructuring process (both in and out of court restructuring and workouts) with a view to preserving value, finding creative solutions and providing practical guidance to legal difficulties in the rescue process for both creditors and debtors whilst ensuring that new investors are fully protected with proper documentations and proper process before new money can be injected into a distressed company.

Capital Markets Experie

Finance Experiences

Loan General Banking and Finance Restructuring

Our lawyers have acted for several general banking and finance transactions, including the following:

  • Advising BNP Paribas Private Bank Singapore Branch on general banking law and regulations in Thailand
  • Assisting Standard Chartered Bank and Standard Chartered Nakornthon Bank Public Company Limited in reviewing their standard bank documentation
  • Assisting Citibank N.A., Bangkok Branch in reviewing its standard bank documentation
  • Advising various financial institutions on general banking law and regulations often in connection with structuring of their innovation financing products and developing legal documentation required for the implementation of those products
  • Assisting The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi Ltd., Bangkok Branch in reviewing their standard bank documentation
  • Advising Standard Chartered Nakornthon Bank Public Company Limited on the sale of its account receivables worth more than Baht one billion to Bangkok Commercial Asset Management Co., Ltd.
  • Advising a Thai financial institution on the potential sale of its account receivables worth more than Baht four billion
  • Advising Fitch Ratings (Thailand) Limited on all aspects of the AEON Thana Sinsap (Thailand) Public Company Limited consumer credit securitisation
  • Advising Fitch Ratings (Thailand) Limited on all aspects of the potential securitsation of the vehicle hire-purchase receivables