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Our lawyers have contributed several articles to leading legal journals. We also periodically share some of our knowledge with our clients, or update them on topical legal issues, in the form of our “Legal Express” publication.

This will generally provide our clients with helpful information, or address more specific legal issues in the areas of securities and banking, especially those which we believe are of relevant interest to our platinum clients. Certain editions of our “Legal Express” publication have also included comments, as well as practical solutions, or suggestions from Thai authorities.

Delisting in Thailand
November 2019
This note sets out the process and relevant regulatory aspects concerning delisting of securities from the Stock Exchange of Thailand (the “SET”) or the Market for Alternative Investment (the “MAI”). In Thailand, a listed company may have its securities delisted on either a voluntary (the “Voluntary Delisting”) or involuntary (the “Involuntary Delisting”) basis.